Vision Statement: Helping everyone discover their inner artist one event at a time.

Hi there and welcome to Stickman Painting Studio's Website! Stickman Painting Studio currently offers offsite events. Check out our schedule for public classes you can join, as well as our online painting school, Stickman Academy. You can also contact us to book your own private event and we will bring the party to you. From corporate team building events, bachelorette parties and kids birthday parties, we will create a great event you won't forget!


CEO & Founder


Stacey has been teaching individuals how to paint with liquid encouragement since 2013. She graduated from The Milwaukee Institute Of Art & Design with a BFA in drawing with a focus on painting. Stacey loves to create and loves to help others find their inner artist. When she's not painting, she's spending time with her Italian greyhound, Stanley, her adorable nephews, and she can't get enough chai tea lattes.


Artist Assistant/Lead Artist


Meet Cat! A 22 year old artist with a care-free look on life. Loves to help aspiring artists of all levels and age, as she is still learning herself. Works mainly with traditional methods, such as pencil sketching, inking, watercolors, and acrylics


Content Writer


Ashley is the newest member to the Stickman Painting Studio Team currently working with social media aspects of the business. She has been working as a Freelance Writer for four years since graduating with an English Degree from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. And no, she didn’t become a teacher. Fiction writing is her specialty, but she enjoys writing about a broad range of topics and finding new, creative ways to put herself to work.


Lead Artist/

Artist & Office Assistant


Bri learned to paint walls as a toddler, while going to work with her dad. This led to a Bachelors degree in Art from Beloit college, with an emphasis on disability and mental illness. She has worked several years at the Center for the Blind, and is thrilled to be returning to Stickman Studios! Bri is also a Master Gardener and mother. She raises a human child, dog, cats, and 50 Hermit crabs. She does not live at a zoo.

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