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At Stickman Painting Studio we love to paint. Even more, we love teaching you how to paint!  Currently, we are not traveling as much as we used, but you can find some great events at our studio space as well as online! Canvas, paint, brushes and aprons are included in every public session,  and we have great options for online classes. Check out the studio's schedule for upcoming public events and details. We hope to paint with you soon!

Get your family and friends together and join us at one of our events!

Class: Most classes last 1-2 hours where you'll learn how to paint a picture from start to finish. Whether it's an adult themed class or a family class, one of our lead artists will be there to guide you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have. You'll leave feeling proud  of the work of art you created. And, not only that, but you'll also have a great time! 

Freestyle:  Looking to paint but want to paint at your own pace? Then a freestyle event is the perfect option! Everyone in your party can choose something different to paint including what size canvas they want to create on. An artist will be on hand to give you pointers and assistance on how to paint your masterpiece. Currently we are offering Freestyle paints on Fridays at our Studio Space.

Happy Landscape Event: Do you love Bob Ross and his happy trees? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect event for you! Paint a picture inspired by the painting icon, pose with a cutout of Bob at in-person events, and wear some "Ross" gear because why not! A lead artist will also be there guiding you every step of the way. Listen closely, you might even hear some great quotes from Ross throughout the class.

Paint & Plant: A newer concept added to our event list, pick and paint a vase, then plant your very own succulent. You can paint your own design, or choose one of our designs. In the end, you'll leave with a project you will be proud of.

Stemware Events: Like our Paint & Plant events, choose the type of glassware you want to paint on, then choose to paint your very own design, or select a design from the limited selection we have.

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