Welcome to Stickman Academy!


Here at Stickman Academy you can take your painting skills to the next level. Whether you're a complete painting newbie or want to improve on your skills, our online painting courses are perfect for whatever skill level you're at. In each online painting class, we will supply you with a supply list, welcome video, and video segments on how to learn a specific technique. You will then finish with a final project to showcase all that you learned. 


All students of the academy will also have access to our private Facebook group which can be found under the Stickman Painting Studio Page. After you purchase your selected paint program, you will be able to keep the content forever! That way you can go back and practice over and over!

We look forward to painting with you and seeing what you learn! These classes aren't just about learning, they're also about having fun too. So turn on some music, pour yourself a drink and let's get started!


CEO and Founder

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